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At Miraya Greens, we are not just an event venue. We are a destination, an experience, a creator of magic and memories. And while we do boast of a range of dynamic event spaces, incredible amenities and fabulous facilities, it’s that something extra that transforms every event we host into a sublime occasion.

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Destination Wedding Venue Bangalore-Miraya Greens

Soul Spaces

Like so many others in the city, we too offer a bouquet of indoor and outdoor spaces to choose from. But what truly distinguishes Miraya Greens, is its ability to delight guests with an unexpected vista, an exquisite tableau everywhere you turn. From an exquisite statuette to a serene water body to a majestic tree, nature, and our eye for detail, has filled the estate with joie de vivre.

wedding venue Bangalore-Miraya Greens

Service from the Heart

At Miraya Greens, we pride ourselves at not vying for International standards in service. In fact, we try to get as local as it gets. Imbibing from a culture where ‘The Guest is God’, every staff member is encouraged to reach down deep inside and treat guests the same way they would have, at their own home. Perhaps, this is the reason why people who have stayed here say they’ve never experienced service quite like this…

wedding venue Bangalore-Miraya Greens

To Surprise… and Delight

Today, with the world getting smaller and everything available without fuss, it takes something truly special to stand out, be distinctive, make a mark. At Miraya Greens, we’ve found that it’s normally the small, caring thought or gesture. An unexpected gift when you’re checking-in, a staff member taking care of an invalid in your group, a quick fix when an unplanned hitch occurs, we invite guests to expect... more.

wedding venue Bangalore-Miraya Greens

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