Social Event Venues in Bangalore-Miraya Greens

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Venue for Social Events-Miraya Greens Bangalore
Social Event Venues in Bangalore-Miraya Greens




There’s no better way to bond than to spend moments which are truly delightful.


Leave the city and all its energy drains behind and plan your next social or family event at Miraya Greens to discover how relationships blossom amid green positivity.


From a simple day-long picnic to a weekend retreat to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, Miraya Greens offers the perfect environs to meld with friends and family.


Beautifully sculpted oases of tranquillity come in handy for a variety of purposes – from performances to group activities; dining to simply lounging around together.


The range of play areas, activities, sports & games available ensure that every one in your group – from the young to the young at heart – finds something to keep them enthralled.


Our staff members go beyond just providing to anticipating your needs so you always find what you’re looking for.


Go ahead, discover that when it comes to relationships, sometimes laughter is the best cure.

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